Temporary office in Shanghai

A temporary office was set up in Shanghai, China, to help Crem International with the plans for the rebuilding of the offices and laboraratories of their R&D Department.…

Pond to Skandiform

Pond is launched by swedish furniture company Skandiform at the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2013.

Objecthood at Input

Objecthood at Input Interior

May 24 – August 31 Input Interior is presenting Objecthood designgroup in the showroom at Sveavägen 145, Stockholm.
Objecthood consists of Charlotte Elsner, Britta Teleman, Cecilia Dreyfert and Sofia Ohlson. With their different backgrounds within the fields of architecture, industrial …

New entrée

The staircase of the original building had an awkward position across the living-room. Moving the stairs to a new entrance-volume gave better access and better lighting-condition to both floors of the building.…

Pond Lounge-table

Radian has mutated and become “Pond”.The form of a water-lily provides a room in the table-top for newspapers and magazines.
Table-top made of painted MDF. Table base and magazine-case made of painted steel wire.…

Residence nr 5 2010

”Muuto declined her idea for a tealightholder – but still launched an almost identical product”

This article highlights how Charlotte Elsner from 2007 onwards tried to make design company Muuto put her candle holder into production, and how they launched …

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