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Residence nr 5 2010

”Muuto declined her idea for a tealightholder – but still launched an almost identical product”

This article highlights how Charlotte Elsner from 2007 onwards tried to make design company Muuto put her candle holder into production, and how they launched the candle holder 3 years later, but with 3 guys called Form us with Love as “designers”. By then Charlotte had already launched her own collection of candle-holders under the brand ”Xordinary”.

Residence nr 7 2009

”Ingenious tealights.”

”Tired of scorched fingers? Check the designer Charlotte Elsners beautiful candle holders with a small slit for the match! Available in Nordic Christ Almighty shop at Kungsgatan in Stockholm. Better yet, environmental tank. The glasses are made of old bottles, cans and garage sale finds.”

Sköna Hem nr 6 2009

”Two mirror favorites from last year are now in a furniture store near you. Charlotte Elsners smart mirror cabinet is perfect in the narrow hallway. Frame of oak and orange inside with several shelves for all small. Width 55 cm, 3990 SEK in Mio…….”

Sköna Hem nr 3 2007

”Architect Charlotte Elsner’s mirror storage has everything that you could wish from a designed product – dual function, flexibility and aesthetic heights. 170 cm high this is a full body mirror to hang on the wall. Behind the sliding part with mirror there is a 7 cm deep storage for hall gadgets, or things in the bathroom, the bedroom or wherever you want. The interior is mobile and on the metal back of the inside you attach the magnetic hooks. Of course Multimirror is reversible so that you can open it to the right or to the left.”

Surgical Clinic

During my employment at Tengbom I was the project architect for the rebuilding of an surgical clinic at Stockholm South General Hospital. The rebuilding included new and technically more advanced equipment for the new surgery room and related facilities. In the surgery area a new type of lighting technology was used, which is why the project was presented in the magazine “Ljuskultur”.